T-Ball Level Drills
by Webmaster posted 05/20/2020

T-Ball Drills and Coaching Points



Coaching points for hitting:

  • Hands together (it is ok to choke up the bat to aid in bat control)
  • Stance should be knees slightly bent, hands back
  • Small step with front foot, keep back foot in place (back foot should turn with swing, not move forward)
  • Eyes on the ball through contact, follow through
  • Tee Placement should be in front of the hitters front foot
  • Player should be making contact with the ball in front of them, not within their original stance
  • Tee will not necessarily be placed directly on the plate outline, adjust placement and height as needed


Hitting Tips.png

Drill: Swing a Pool Noodle -

Using a Tee (or not) - Coach/Parent puts hand on tee (or at tee height) and the player hits the hand with a pool noodle or soft bat.  


Drill: Tee Work with a Ball

Set up a tee against a fence/wall/net or in an open space. 

Focus on proper hitting mechanics, moving hand towards player to simulate a pitch



Coaching Points

Baseball Grip.png

Five Steps of Throwing.png


Drill: Drop and pickup ball 

  • Player drops the ball then picks it up and establishes the proper grip


Drill: Hula Hoop Target Practice 

Set up a hulu hoop against a fence or other wall/barrier. 
Give the player a ball and have them follow proper throwing steps:

  • HOP on your “skateboard” (glove shoulder pointed towards target)
  • Hands come down and away to separate.  Glove arm goes forward, Ball faces back (Make a T with your arms)
  • Front foot STEP forward
  • THROW and follow through
  • Have players practice each step by calling out the bolded words and having them pause at each point
    • MAKE A T
    • STEP and THROW
  • Turn this into a game to see if your child can beat his current record out of 10 throws or play against a sibling/parent. 



Baseball ready position

  • Knees shoulder width apart
  • Glove out front ready to receive ball
  • On your toes, ready to move

Baseball Ready, Glove out Front.png


Alligator Hands.png


Drill: Fielding without gloves

Use a soccer ball/gator ball to help players learn to field a ground ball 

  • Demonstrate proper fielding form
  • Feet shoulder width, knees bent, hands in front
  • Focus on hands turned properly, not stabbing at ball
  • “Hop” to show Baseball ready
  • Knees bent, eyes on ball, hands in front, ready to move
  • Stay down
  • Hands turned to receive ball
  • Bring the ball up to your midsection

Drill: Fielding with gloves

  • Teach the alligator method of using two hands to field a ball
  • Carry over skills from previous drill
  • Glove hand open and down to field ball, bare hand to close on top
  • Show “baseball ready”
  • Coach rolls ball out, player fields and makes a throw

Drill: Shuffle Drill

  • Have players run through drill twice without gloves, then incorporate gloves for the rest
  • The goal is to have the players shuffle their feet so the ball you roll to them goes between their legs
  • Gradually make it harder by rolling the ball to their left or right




Teach your player the Two Hand Target- Teach the two hand target method of catching

Catching 2HT.png

Drill: No Glove Catching

Start with a gator or soccer ball and move to a tennis ball

  • No glove to start
  • Start with a big ball, teach using two hands, not arms, to catch
  • Move to Tennis Ball (no glove)

Drill: Catching with a Glove

  • Have them use their glove to catch tennis balls that you lightly toss to them
  • Focus on glove turned up/down when appropriate
  • Two hands, look ball all the way in
  • add in the concept of an underhand soft flip.  Both recieving and throwing back to the coach.   









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