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Central Amherst Challenger League

The Challenger League in Amherst, New York is a baseball league designed for children and adults with disabilities and functional limitations. The league was created to provide the opportunity to experience the joys of playing baseball and to participate in a team sport. The league is open to individuals of all ages, and there are no skill requirements to participate. Three age levels: Minors age 4-10, Majors age 10-18, Seniors age 18+ allow for players to participate in a setting to accommodate their ability level. It is the only league in WNY recognized under the Little League Challenger statutes.

The Challenger League provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals with disabilities to participate in baseball. The league uses modified rules to ensure that all players can participate to the best of their ability. Players are pitched to, field to the best of their ability, and ‘outs’ are made. Volunteers assist players to the extent they need it.

The Challenger League is more than just a baseball league, it's a community. Players, parents, and volunteers come together to support one another and to create a positive and inclusive environment. The league provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a team sport, build new friendships, and develop new skills.

We have special events, such as Amherst Police Day where officers come and volunteer for the day and Bisons night at the downtown ballpark.

The league is a valuable resource for the Amherst community and welcomes ballplayers from all towns and counties. Regardless of their abilities, everyone deserves the opportunity to play baseball.

Contact Sandy and Dave Whalen at for more information or call 716-565-9338.